Guidance in Health & Wellness

It has been a pleasure to work with thousands of people in search of peace of mind, health, wealth, and happiness. Through the past twenty years, I have been privileged to share my message of living life fully by inspiring people through my work as a physician and psychiatrist, an advocate of integrative health and wellness, an executive coach, an educator and keynote speaker, an author, and a media expert.

I have a multitude of tools to help you rejuvenate and boost your youth across dimensions: enhance your clarity of thought (intellectual), maximize your genius (intellectual and spiritual), experience peace of mind and deepen your ability to feel without fear (spiritual and emotional), connect with others as you'd like them to connect with you (social), and look the way you are inside (physical).

I have learned from the best and have had the opportunity to develop a successful professional career while raising a great family. I share my passion and lessons learned with all who strive to discover, experience, and enjoy The Power of Wellbeing®.

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